Ten accounting podcasts you should be listening to

Celebrate International Podcast Day with some of our favorites! 

September 30th is #InternationalPodcastDay, a day to celebrate the power of podcasts. In the accounting industry, there are many really cool, informative podcasts hosted by amazing thought leaders, and powered by incredible sponsors. Podcasts are a great way to learn more about news and happenings in the profession, and even to obtain CPE credit! Check out our list of ten accounting podcasts (in alphabetical order) you should be listening to.

Accounting Matters

Hosted by Adam Olsen and Sarah Cage Richter, CPA

Accounting Matters lives up to its title, covering vital accounting topics that actually matter to professionals in the accounting trenches. Each episode starts with a new topic and definition, then hosts and guests highlight and discuss the key areas, from evaluation to reporting. 

Listen on Apple, Spotify and/or other podcast platforms.

Accounting Twins Podcast

Hosted by Becky Steiger and Norma Steiger

To CPA or NOT to CPA? Public vs Private? What if you could run an experiment?

Take twins, with identical DNA, life experiences, education, GPAs, majors, internships, and careers as accountants. Then, have twin A become a CPA and go public, and have twin B go private.

Follow Becky Steiger and Norma Steiger on their separate journeys in the private and public accounting worlds! Together they will compare and contrast their experiences and goals in the accounting profession.

Visit the website to learn more and listen on your preferred podcast platform. 

Cloud Accounting Podcast

Hosted by Blake Oliver, CPA and David Leary 

Join Blake and David for a news roundup at the intersection of accounting technology designed for accounting practice leaders serving small businesses. In under an hour each week, you’ll stay up-to-date on topics including accounting app features and updates, remote work and cloud tools, online sales and marketing, how to manage a modern practice, and cryptocurrency and emerging tech.

Visit the website to learn more and listen on your preferred podcast platform.

CPA Huddle

Hosted by Eric Pierre, CPA and Ignatius Jackson, CPA

Do you manage your personal finances or a business, or hope to one day? Then you need to add CPA Huddle to your podcast rotation. 

CPA Huddle is a fun, fast-paced podcast that simplifies accounting and tax trends. Eric Pierre and Ignatius Jackson are experienced, highly respected CPAs with a knack for unpacking a myriad of complex money topics that impact your financial bottom line. With their smart, easy style, the ‘Huddle Guys’ translate tax and accounting ‘hot topics’ into language that we can all understand. 

Listen on Apple, Spotify and/or other podcast platforms.

Sons of CPAs

Hosted by Scott Scarano

The premier practice management podcast for tax and accounting firms. Join Scott (and guests) for some fun and oftentimes colorful conversations about the accounting and tax industry. We are all the sons (and daughters) of CPAs, questioning the current state of the accounting and tax industry with the next generation of professionals leading this space.

Listen on Apple, Spotify and/or other podcast platforms.

The CPA Advisory Show

Hosted Jeremy Wells, CPA, EA & Chris Hervochon, CPA, CVA

A show about advisory services, building and running an advisory firm, and how they use advisory services to help their clients.

Listen on Apple and/or other podcast platforms.

The DM Disruption Podcast

Hosted by Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE

Dawn talks to changemakers and motivators in the accounting profession to get their insights on strategy, success, and self-motivation in addition to motivating other professionals to achieve more in their practice and personal and professional lives.

Visit the website to learn more and listen.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Accounting Podcast

Hosted by Lorilyn Wilson, CPA

More accountants than ever are experimenting and shaping the profession in new and interesting ways. On this show, Lorilyn sits down with these rockstars to discuss the ideas, the opportunities, the struggles, and the strategies that they’re taking advantage of so the rest of us can do the same. 

Listen on Apple, Spotify and/or other podcast platforms.

The Finance & Accounting Show

Hosted by Terrell and Lola Turner, CPA

This is the go-to place for practical insights for business where Accounting and Finance meet Business Strategy. Hosted by Terrell and Lola Turner; Finance leaders with experience from some of the largest companies in the world. On this show, we dive into some of the most pressing topics in business and feature interviews with CFOs, Accountants, and Finance experts from around the world as they share lessons learned and best practices.

Visit the website to learn more and listen on your preferred podcast platform.

The Fish Food Podcast

Hosted by Keila Hill-Trawick, CPA, MBA

Little Fish Accounting presents Fish Food, a podcast with bite-sized accounting advice, discussions, and tax tips for coaches, consultants, other professional service providers, and entrepreneurs. Each episode presents easily digestible tips and tricks, targeting all from startups to established companies.

Visit the website to learn more and listen on your preferred podcast platform.


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