Bookkeep aims to improve accounting for gig companies


Bookkeep CEO Jason Richelson wants to solve the problems he is seeing at businesses that work with gig economy delivery services and are having trouble tracking the payments they are supposed to receive.


The pandemic has accelerated consumer adoption of gig economy delivery service apps to purchase goods and order food – a trend that is expected to continue growing. A typical restaurant might use Grubhub, Uber Eats, and five to 10 POS platforms, while ecommerce retailers often use two or three sales platforms and up to 10 payment methods.

All of these sales channels and payment apps can be a great asset to business owners, however the lack of common standards for transferring financial data has created a huge problem for bookkeepers and accountants who are now required to log in to each app to determine the fees, deposits, sales tax, etc. and spend many hours doing manual data entry.

The solution: accounting automation. As the Co-Founder and CEO of Bookkeep, Jason knows a lot about automation technologies and has a deep understanding of bookkeeping and accounting. He is passionate about wanting to solve the widespread industry challenges that have become an obstacle to growth, and in this article he shares his perspectives about how the industry could move forward.


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data entry a thing  
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