Bookkeep was made for ecommerce

I am a serial entrepreneur, having started, run, and/or sold several businesses. For each of those companies, for years, I personally closed the books. Why? Because being connected to the numbers, I knew precisely how each company was performing.

If you run your own ecommerce business, the best way to stay on top of how you are doing is to close your books monthly. I know, hard to do when using 2-5 sales channels and often 5 or more payment providers!

I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2014 opening a wine store in Brooklyn and now, years later, have launched an accounting automation platform called Bookkeep with the intention of helping small businesses, financially.

Bookkeep automates your accounting for ecommerce. Our platform creates daily accounting summary reports of your sales, sales taxes, liabilities, fees, and expected payments. We do this for Shopify, Amazon Seller, Wix, Squarespace, Woocommerce, and many more.

Then, we capture and properly post payment deposits to your accounting platform to match ✅ in the banking feed. We call this automated payment reconciliation. We verify the sales against the deposits automatically. That’s smarter accounting automation, and we do this for all marketplace apps mentioned above as well as Paypal, Stripe, Sezzle, with more to come.

The result of our automation: More quickly close the books each month, peace of mind all your expected payments (with fees booked) are received from each of the many payment processors, AND your team spends more time analyzing the business and less time with data entry and reconciliation.

Want to learn more about how we can save you over 20 hours a month in data entry and get more accurate, timely financial reports? Use the form below to set up a demo with one of our team members.

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