Bookkeep partners with Roundtable Labs for ‘Ecomm as you are’

In partnership with Roundtable Labs, Bookkeep is launching Ecomm as you are Roundtable, a free online community platform including twice-monthly live virtual meetings to discuss all things ecommerce from an accounting and bookkeeping perspective.

Virtual ecommerce community

Our recurring meetings will be held on the first and third Friday of each month from 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. pacific time via Zoom, and will be an app-agnostic group. The group’s focus will be on discussing the ups and downs of ecommerce accounting, building relationships within the community, sharing struggles and best practices, solving real-world problems and shaping the future of ecommerce accounting.

‘Ecomm as you are’ will officially launch on June 3 and will be hosted by Emily Hedrick, Marketing Lead for Bookkeep.

“We’re excited to partner with Roundtable Labs, a leader in peer-based accounting and bookkeeping professional support, to bring members access to an exclusive community for those working with ecommerce clientele. We have seen such a push toward online sales channels, point of sales systems, and payment platforms, and the accountants and bookkeepers working in this space are struggling to manage multiple channels.” Hedrick said. “Our goal is to create a tight-knit community where accounting and bookkeeping professionals can share pain points, best practices, and hold one another accountable. Roundtable Labs has done this for accounting professionals in a variety of niches and we’re thrilled to partner and provide this resource to the ecommerce accounting world.”

The goal of Roundtable Labs is to create a community to support accountants, bookkeepers, EAs, and CPAs in growing their business and accomplishing their goals. Accounting professionals connect in Roundtable to build and nurture relationships, learn how to solve real-world problems, celebrate wins, and build better practices. Roundtable currently has eight communities to support the unique needs of accounting and bookkeeping professionals at every stage of their journey, including Not the Only One, Cultivation Through Accountability, Construction Junction, Journey Beyond Accounting, From Dream to Team, Empower Your Passion, Empower Nonprofits, and Not the Only App Roundtables.

“I’m excited to introduce our eighth Roundtable, and can’t think of a better partner to do it with than Bookkeep. The potential this group has to impact members of the ecommerce accounting world is enormous. Under Emily’s leadership, I have no doubt members will enjoy thoughtful discussions, a supportive community, and ultimately better bridge the gap between compliance accounting and the ecommerce world. A huge thanks goes to Bookkeep for partnering to bring this valuable group to members of the ecommerce accounting community at no charge. 

Roundtable members get accountability, the push to practice better self-care and set boundaries, and a network of peers who have been there and can help navigate whatever challenges they face. It’s the advisory board every accounting business owner needs, and the social group they crave.


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