Here are the top 5 problems Bookkeep is solving

Our team of customer success specialists work hands-on with customers for onboarding, demoing, and troubleshooting. Customers come to us seeking solutions for their bookkeeping needs, from small, medium businesses to bookkeepers and accountants.


Manual bookkeeping is time-consuming, eating up hours every single day. On average, bookkeepers spend 1-4 hours a week. Bookkeep frees up all that time. Some people save lives, we save time.


Posting accurate financial summaries is what our customers are seeking. Inaccurately inputting just one number can throw off your books. Our accounting automation tool removes the difficulties of manual data entry from multiple sales channels and payment systems.

Minimizing Expenses

Our platform is a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. We charge based on the number of accounting entries, not monthly sales or orders. We don’t penalize customers for running a successful business.

Summarized Journal Entries

Because most other automation platforms post individual transactions, we designed our automation to summarize sales for the day in one summary. Everything is neat and clean. This eliminates messy books, because there aren’t endless entries to sift through.

Historical Posting

We even post historical transactions as far back as you need to go, even to the day you opened shop; one customer ran reports all the way back to 2016! This is incredibly helpful when trying to clean up your books and/or if you haven’t done any bookwork, like ever.

We guide our customers through setup, mapping out how to best utilize the platform for their bookkeeping needs.

This is why our customer success team walks each customer through the integration process. Customers are able to see Bookkeep in action and how their own data flows through our platform and posts to their accounting system.


Make manual  
data entry a thing  
of the past.
Let our smarter accounting automation  
do all the heavy lifting for you.