Exactly what does Bookkeep do?

I want to introduce myself: I am David Mette, Head of Product at Bookkeep. I joined the team at Bookkeep because I was ready to streamline the accounting industry with technology. As a seasoned CPA, I have witnessed the complexities of accounting when I worked at a Big Four accounting firm and also when I transitioned to a Fortune 20 company to automate their processes.

The challenges of accounting automation are ever-present. There are so many commerce platforms and so many ways to gather their financial data. There is no easy plug-and-play solution to collect all that data into accounting systems. That’s what led me to Bookkeep because this is exactly what Bookkeep is solving. I was drawn to the possibility of greatly improving the experience and efficiency of accounting by automating the posting of financial entries.

Why we’re building the things we’re building.

Our goal at Bookkeep is to be the end-all solution for accountants and bookkeepers. While other technology solutions are available, often focused only on ecommerce, we are going way beyond that. Bookkeep is becoming the only one-stop shop to integrate all sources of financial data whether it is revenue, expenses or other financial information. This is what’s so exciting! At least for an accounting nerd like me.

We understand the complexity and difficulties CPAs face.

Our team at Bookkeep is composed of accountants and CPAs, which means we really understand the difficulties accountants and CPAs face every day. We build and create from those perspectives to ensure data is accurate and organized in the way accountants and CPAs want it!

Bookkeep is the automation gateway for accountants and CPAs.

We’re tired of our industry always being a decade behind! We are working to bring the technology for bookkeeping up to date and to the forefront. We are charged with the mission to make this automation process more seamless.

Most other integrations available are not built with accounting in mind. They are built from an automation perspective–take transactions and move them somewhere. But that’s not how accountants work and think. Further, we at Bookkeep are working with platforms to educate them on the most productive way to provide us that data so our automation tool can post proper financial entries that accountants and bookkeepers actually find useful.

Our focus is data in and data out.

We’re setting up the infrastructure to allow customers to bring data in and put that data out to whatever source they choose. We want customers to own and work with the data in whatever way they need. Instead of jumping between multiple platforms and manually inputting data, our platform does all the work for customers, enabling them to spend their time doing more important things like helping their clients grow their businesses.

With many accounting software integrations, developers will be able to use our single API to post everywhere, instead of integrating to all accounting systems.

My team and I take feedback from customers and users, and work with our engineers to build and adjust integrations that meet the needs of accountants. We understand what accountants are facing with the ever-increasing list of commerce apps and other sources of financial data. So, we are building our roadmap with those needs in mind. Our goal at Bookkeep is to build the end-all-be-all automation solution for accountants everywhere.


Make manual  
data entry a thing  
of the past.
Let our smarter accounting automation  
do all the heavy lifting for you.